Trade Test Course

For hairstylists that are eligible to take the trade test under SSETA’s ARPL Programme, we offer a preparatory course. We offer both a five hour per day, eight day intensive course and a five hour per day, four day course. The length of the course depends on how advanced the student is. Historically, students of colour have struggled to pass the exam under the RPL provision as they have not been formally trained on the techniques necessary to achieve success. Although these hairdressers have the skills to be qualified stylists, they are often not accustomed to the terminology used and methodology administered during the exam. The course teaches all of the key techniques examined on the trade test: relaxer and cut, perm and cut, permanent colour,
pincurls and fingerwaves, and tonging on the relaxer model. The student will also be taught how to complete an analysis sheet for relaxing, colouring and perming.

Price: Free - for stylists with at least 4 years experience. The course covers the following: tuition, assessments, use of products, use of salon equipment, rental of hairdressing kits.

Hairdressing kits include the following: HAND DRYER, SCISSORS, COMB SET, ALUMINNIUM BLOW WAVE BRUSH set (small, medium, large, extra large, jumbo), SPRAY BOTTLE, BUTTERFLY SECTIONING CLIPS, STRAIGHTENING IRON, TINT BOWL, TINT BRUSH, PERM ELASTIC (PKT), END PAPERS (BOX), NECK TRAY, PERM RODS (2pkts each): BLACK, ORANGE, BIG BLUE, GREY, BIG GREEN, PERM SPONGE, box of pincurls, set of rollers (medium size).

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