Short Course - Relax, Cut and Style

This course is ideal for students who are looking to learn the basics of creating a hair style. We teach students hair analysis, relaxer application, basic cutting techniques and styling. Students will learn the chemistry behind relaxers and how to choose which types of relaxers work best for specific hair types. Students will learn how to style a client’s hair based on the client’s facial features and shape. The class takes place five hours per day over a five day period. A certificate of competence is provided upon successful completion of the course.

Normal Price: R5000 / 5 days (VAT inclusive). Discounted Price: R250 / 5 Days. The price covers the following: tuition, assessments, use of products, use of salon equipment, hairdressing kit. Note: For the discounted price, the hairdressing kit is only eligible to be rented, not purchased.

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